Any vapor product introduced after the 2007 "predicate date" must now go through a long and expensive FDA premarket review process just to stay on the market.

The FDA premarket review process is so expensive and full of paperwork and red tape that it will stop innovation and product improvements because any and every change will have to go through this lengthy regulatory process.

The cost to get through FDA ranges from several hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars just for one product. Vapor companies and stores cannot afford these costs and many, if not most companies could go out of business.

While the FDA has announced an extension of some of the reporting compliance deadlines, it could still lead to a virtual vape ban, because of the onerous and expensive premarket tobacco application (PMTA) this is required. A delay is not a solution.

The new FDA regulations hold vapor products to the same date as cigarette regulations – going back to 2007 – long before most vapor products were on the market.

If the date does not change, vapor products will be treated worse than cigarettes – that's just not right.

The bottom line: only your elected officials can fix the 2007 date and stop this virtual Vape ban.

So ACT NOW to Stop the Vape Ban. Support a sensible legislative solution. If we do nothing, the virtual vape ban will happen! One day you may find your favorite vape store closed... and retail shelves empty.

Speak out now and tell your legislators to support the FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2017 by clicking here.